NU Honours 4th Year Routine 2024 [Session 2024]

Honours 4th year routine 2024 is news of joy and pain at the same time for the students of National University. The good news is that they can know about their final exam routine of their honours life this through which they can achieve an honours degree. And the sad news is that because of this, their departure from national university honours life comes to an end.

Whatever it is, it’s important to know your honours 4th year routine now. Knowing the routine makes it easier for you to prepare well. So we have brought good news for those who are eagerly waiting for a routine. If you want to know the details of that good news then read this article till the end. So let us start.

Honours 4th Year Exam 2024 Summary

It is very much important to know the routine for those who will take part in the last exam of honours life. If you see at the summary, it becomes easy for you to at least understand how many days are left, when it will end and when it will begin. Otherwise, it will be seen that you will miss any exam despite knowing the routine. That is why we have provided the summary of the honours 4th year final exam so that no one will have to fall in such a dangerous situation.


Fourth year final exam at a glance

  • Exam Starts: 29th November 2024
  • Exam Ends: 6th February 2024
  • Total Subjects
  • Exam duration : 3 hours
  • Total time
  • Exam Starting Time : 1.00pm

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National University Honours 4th Year New Routine

Notice for the honours fourth year exam will be given soon. There will be a detailed description of the form fill up, form submission, application details etc. According to the notice, everyone will need to apply. However, according to the previous work of the National University, it is expected that the time may be extended again. The notice will be published in the due time. Then you will get the update.

NU Honours 4th Year Exam Routine 2024

The departure of your 4 years dream honours life in the National University comes to the end through the publication of the fourth-year final exam routine. The graduation period ends here. That is why the fourth year exam routine is important to everyone. If the routine is published, you can know when the exam will start, when the result will be given, whether there is enough gap in the middle or not, and so on.

In addition to this, you can guess how many days are left for the exam. Unfortunately, the fact is that the final year routine has not yet been published. The exam process will begin soon. So you can prepare in advance so that if the routine is published then you can study attentively by stopping all other works. We will also provide a PDF file with the routine schedule and summary. You can see the routine from which one you like.

NU Honours Final Year Exam Routine

The fourth-year routine is actually the final year’s routine. If you need the final year routine, you can download the PDF file provided by us. There is detailed information about the final year’s exam routine. This routine will help everyone. You can see the exam summary for easy remembering.

Honours 4th Year Routine 2024 PDF

The PDF file of the Honours Final Year Examination routine is originally collected from the official site of the National University. So there is no confusion about the fact that it is certainly the official routine. A complete schedule is included in this PDF routine. Regardless of the department you are in, you will get the routine. You can download the PDF file to easily find the routine. And yes, can highlight those days in which days you have your exam. Then you can easily see your exam days.

NU 4th Year new Routine 2024 PDF

NU 4th Year new Routine 2024 PDF

Honours 4th Year Routine PDF Download

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Last Words

You will end your honours life through your honours 4th year routine, exam, and result. Then only the formality will be left after that. However, at the end of the exam, your degree will be added to your crown. Best wishes for future graduates.

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  1. The National University Head
    Md. Badiuzzaman,
    Sir,ofcourse you know that our 4th year final exam will be start 27 february 2020.Sir,please cancel this routine.Because this routine also pain all final year student’s of national univetsity.
    Your obidient student’s
    Shuvo sarker


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