NU Honours 3rd year Routine 2023 (New Routine)

The NU honours 3rd year routine is still shrouded in mystery. Everyone is still speculating the date when the routine will be published, how many gap-days will be there between exams, and when will it end. We brought the details of the honours 3rd year routine just to flare up your imagination. You will be able to find all the necessary information about the routine in our tutorial.

There will be no chance of missing any of the tests because we are presenting you every detail long before. Everyone is looking forward to the third year final exam routine. So allow me to present the details of the routine before you.

Honours 3rd Year Exam Summary

Let us start by presenting you with a summary of the routine. This outline will help you to find all the necessary information regarding the exam quickly. You will also be able to see the time when the exam starts, when it finishes, and all the information in between. Hopefully, you will be ready to start taking preparations by merely consulting the summery. A detailed routine will immediately follow.

Overview of Honours Third Year Final Exam with a bit of information

  • When the exam begins: 3rd February 2023
  • When the exam ends: 27th February 2023
  • Exam Code: 2203
  • Exam Start from: 3.00pm
  • Time: 3 hours

NU Honours 3rd year Routine Publish date

The second phase of form fill-up is still ongoing, which will be completed during October. So the exam routine will be late in coming. However, it is expected to be published in 15th December. However, the wait should not be too long. The Authority has not yet specified the time when the routine will be published. If this is the case, then the chances are that the final exam will be held in January.

There is also a possibility that you will be made aware of the routine being published. Don’t fret. If you stay with us, you will get the routine when the time comes. Once the routine is released, we will update it here.

NU Honours 3rd Year Routine 2023

Currently, the number of students who are studying in the third year in several courses at National University is quite large. Only one dream is moving them forward, and that is to complete their studies and built a good career. However, one would have to pass the hurdle of the exam to do so. Naturally, everyone is curious about the routine of the third year finals of Honours. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, it is not possible to get the routine unless the national university publishes it. Not everyone can get updates from the National University. However, there is no need to feel disappointed. We will collect the latest authentic news and inform you accordingly. The official exam routine of honours third year will be in front of you in due time. You would only have to wait until the routine is published.

Honours 3rd Year Exam Routine PDF

You can also download the authentic routine of the third year final examination in PDF form. The one that we are offering is collected from the official website. So it is one hundred percent authentic. If you do not want any harassment regarding the routine, download it now. We offer routines for all subjects. You can select the subjects that you are studying. That way, getting the exam dates would become much more comfortable. You can find the routine in PDF format here.

Final Words

Needless to say that the authentic honours 3rd year routine will be a source of comfort for everyone. Because we all want to finish our studies. The exam for completing the third year is vital for all. Best wishes for your exam.



National University, Bangladesh is a parent university of Bangladesh that was established by an Act of Parliament as an affiliating University of the country to impart graduate and post-graduate level education to the students through its affiliated colleges and professional institutions throughout the country.

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