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NU Grading System GPA / CGPA | NU GPA Calculator. National University Grading System post information for National University of  Bangladesh Honours, Degree, Masters Exam Grading System, and GPA/CGPA Count System.

Students of National University in our country oftentimes look for the details of NU grading system GPA. The authority of National University follows the British undergraduate degree classification system to calculate the GPA of any student. So if you can know the system of calculating your GPA or CGPA then it will be better for you to verify whether your grade is correct or not.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything about your NU Grading System GPA. We will also discuss other related factors in this regard. So keep reading this post if you want to know more.

National University Grading System

You all know that the result of your exams in any year is published on the NU grading system. So you all should know how the grading system works and how to calculate it. When the authority of the National University publishes your results in the grading system, they calculate it by following the British undergraduate degree classification system that we have already informed you. In the later part of this article, we will provide an example so that you will understand it better.

What is NU CGPA?

The full meaning of the NU CGPA is the National University cumulative grade point average. That means the cumulative average of grade points a student gets in different subjects. The CGPA is calculated on the basis of the marks a student gets in the written exam and practical exam. If a student gets higher marks in all the subjects then his or her CGPA will be higher. But if he or she gets a lower mark in some subjects then his or her CGPA will be lower.

National University USA GPA Grading System all about is given Below. Here in this article National University United State GPA, CGPA, Numerical Grade, Letter Grade (LG), Grade Point (GP) were briefly discussed.

NU Grading System and GPA/CGPA Count System

NU Grading System

We have already told that the NU grading system and GPA or CGPA count system is based on the system by the British undergraduate degree classification system. Though we have the system of getting total marks and division system in the previous result publishing system, the authority has started to follow the new grading system to cope up with the international result publishing curriculum.

NU Class Grading System

According to the British undergraduate degree classification system, the NU Class Grading System is provided to the students. In this system, if a student gets the NU academic

CGPA from 3.00 to 4.00 then his or her class will be first class. If the student gets NU academic

CGPA from 2.25 to 2.99 then his or her class will be second class. If the student gets NU academic CGPA from 2.00 to 2.24 then his or her class will be third class. The system is below:

  • 1st Class = NU Academic CGPA 3.00 to 4.00
  • 2nd Class= Academic CGPA 2.25 to 2.99
  • 3rd Class = Academic CGPA 2.00 to 2.249

NU Grading System 2024

National University Grading System” This post can be helpful for understanding how to exam papers shall be considered the basis of the marks.

So the total marks of written, practical as well as oral test or examination of a student which he/ she will achieve shall be transforming into Latter Grade and Grade Point. To calculate the marks of the students the following Letter Grade and Grade Point is applicable.

Thus following the grading system which is applicable to calculate the GPA/CGPA according to the unanimous approval of the authority of the National University that is unanimous. Read bellow for understanding National University Grading System.

Grading System in National University

The grading system we have mentioned in the previous part is the NU grading system 2024. The authority follows the system explained above to classify the classes or grading for the students. The higher point or CGPA for any student is 4.00 and the lowest point or CGPA is 2.00 when a student passes. But the CGPA decreases if a student makes a poor result or fails in the exam. This is how the NU grading system 2024 works. If you check below NU Numerical Grade Letter Grade (LG) & Grade Point (GP), you will get a better idea about the NU grading system.

  • 80% or above A+ (Plus) 4.00
  • 75% to less than 80% A (Plain) 3.75
  • 70% to less than 75% A- (Minus) 3.50
  • 65% to less than 70% B+ (Plus) 3.25
  • 60% to less than 65% B (Plain) 3.00
  • 55% to less than 60% B- (Minus) 2.75
  • 50% to less than 55% C+ (Plus) 2.50
  • 45% to less than 50% C (Plain) 2.25
  • 40% to less than 45% D (Plain) 2.00
  • <40% (less than 40%) F (Fail) 0.00

National University Pass Marks

National University pass mark is 40 if the credit is 4. But the pass mark is 20 if the credit is 2. In this case, the student will get D in the grading system. You will get a clear picture if you see the table below:

Marks of the Course 100 (4 Credit) 50 (2 Credit)
Pass Marks 40 20
Countable Credit D D

Calculating NU GPA and CGPA

You will understand the whole system of calculating NU GPA and CGPA if you have a look at the below image. So to understand it clearly, you have to check the details below:

NU Grading System

NUBD Grading System

Academic grading in Bangladesh

NU GPA Grading System

National University GPA/CGPA Calculator

In this section of the National University GPA/CGPA Calculator, we would like to say you something. If you use the above method in calculating your GPA or CGPA, you will get your exact result. This is how the NU GPA/CGPA Calculator works.

Final Words

We have clearly explained everything regarding your NU Grading System GPA. We hope that you have understood every part of this article and will be able to calculate your GPA or CGPA for your National University result.

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