NU Degree 1st Year Result 2024

Would you like to get your Degree 1st-year result 2024 as you took part in the degree 1st year final this year? If yes, go on reading the article. You will know when your result will get published. Also, you will find the easiest ways of getting your results without any hassle. You will further learn all about the degree grading system and how to calculate your total GPA.

Degree First Year Result 2024 Publish Date

You will be glad to know that Degree First Year Result 2024 has already been published on 19th July 2024. So, if you are looking for your Degree First Year Result 2024, you are reading the right article. We have already published the result on our website. Just go down. You will get many easy ways to download your results.

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NU Degree 1st Year Exam Result 2024

As I told you earlier that Nu Degree 1st Year Exam Result 2024 is already published by National University. National University published the result on 12 August 2024.

You can easily get your result visiting the National University website. You can also get your result by the Mobile SMS system. To learn how to get your result by mobile SMS, keep on reading.

How to Know Degree 1st Year Result By Online?

Looking for the way how to know degree 1st-year results online? Feel relaxed. It’s super easy and simple. To know your result online, very first you can get it visiting the National University official website. Going to the website interface, just you need to click on the link Then you go on following the below instructions:

  • Select Degree from the sidebar
  • Select Individual Result Option
  • Then enter your roll number or Registration Number
  • Write your exam or passing year
  • Enter the shown Captcha
  • Then click on the Search Result button

Just wait a few moments. You will get your most desired result in the twinkle of your eyes.

Check Degree Exam Results by Mobile SMS

When you want to get your Degree 1st-year final result 2024 by Mobile SMS, it’s very simple. Go to your mobile SMS option and write:

NU<space>DEG<space>Write your Roll or Registration Number and send it to 16222.

Very soon you will get your long desired result at your hand with a mobile notification.

Grading System for Degree 1st Year Exam

Don’t you know the grading system of the degree 1st-year exam? If not, don’t worry. I will show you here how to calculate your grading easily.

According to the grading system of Bangladesh National University, GPA above 3.00 or equal to 3.00 is valued as the 1st class. GPA 2.25 to 2.99 is taken as 2nd Class and finally, GPA 2.00 to 2.249 is valued as 3rd Class.

Degree Grading System in National University

Number Interval Letter Grade Grade Point Remark
80-100 A+ 4.00 1st Class
75-79 A 3.75 1st Class
70-74 A- 3.50 1st Class
65-69 B+ 3.25 1st Class
60-64 B 3.00 1st Class
55-59 B- 2.75 2nd Class
50-54 C+ 2.50 2nd Class
45-49 C 2.25 2nd Class Upper
40-44 D 2.00 3rd Class
00-39 F 00 Fail

How to Calculate your Degree GPA

You have 7 subjects in Degree 1st year. Each subject contains 4 credits. So, you have 28 credits in 1st year. To get your total GPA, first multiple your every subject’s Grade Point by 4 like this given below:

  1. 3.50×4= 14
  2. 3.50×4= 14
  3. 3.oox4= 12
  4. 3.00×4= 12
  5. 2.75×4= 11
  6. 3.75×4= 11
  7. 3.50×4= 14

Now sum up all and the total is= 88

Then, divide the total by 28: 88/28=3.14

You have got your GPA and it is 3.14. Congratulations!

Last Word

I believe now you are happy as you know all about the Degree 1st-year result. When your result will be published and how to get your result. Even, you know how to calculate your total GPA.

Also, I hope you could have got your result from here without any problem & you have done an outstanding result. So, congratulations on your brilliant result and also hope you will do an amazing result in Degree 2nd year and final year.

Wish you good luck!



National University, Bangladesh is a parent university of Bangladesh that was established by an Act of Parliament as an affiliating University of the country to impart graduate and post-graduate level education to the students through its affiliated colleges and professional institutions throughout the country.

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