Masters Final Year Admission Circular 2024

The Masters Final Year Admission Circular has been published for those who want to get a masters degree from National University. Now you should apply quickly for admission. Because at present, the National University authorities have given less time to reduce the session crisis. You are benefiting from this because the Masters will be finished in less time. The masters degree is called the highest academic degree in Bangladesh. So those who want to get admitted in Masters, take a look at the Masters Final Year Admission Circular. All the admission information is presented to you regarding the Masters Final Year admission.

Masters Final Year Admission Circular 2024

Just two days ago the Masters Final Year Admission Circular was published. If you look at the circular then you will realize that you will get only 10 days to complete the application process. Therefore, those who want to get admitted in the Masters should know the important deadlines. How to submit an application, how much the fee, application deadline is going to be with our tutorial. After watching our tutorial, no one will have any doubt about the information on the Master’s Final Year admission. In the beginning, for the benefit of all, we have highlighted the key points of admission circular.

Masters final year admission circular at a glance

  • The application starts: 11th November
  • Last date of application: 21st November 2024.
  • Application submission starts: 12th November 2024.
  • Last date of application submission: 23rd November 2024.
  • Application fee: 300 taka.

Qualification for application:

These are the eligibility criteria for admission to the Masters Final Year by the national university authorities –

  • Must pass a 4-year honors course.
  • Those who have passed the Masters in Preliminary can also apply.

How to apply?

If you want to get admission in Masters under National University, you need to apply online. Please visit first to apply

  • you will see a menu below. Click on the masters menu situated on the highest right side. Then you will have the option of applying for Masters in the left side at a time.
  • On the left side, you will find many links to apply for various courses. Find the Masters Finals from there. You will see a writing called Apply Now is blinking. Click there.
  • Then you will have to select the degree on the page that comes. Select Honors or Masters Preliminary and click on Next.
  • Then you will need your Honors / Masters Preliminary Roll Number, Registration Number, Passing Year. Type them correctly. You will be taken to the next page if you are eligible for admission.
  • This page will ask you to select the college if you go to that page with education and personal information. Select any 3 colleges you like.
  • Then upload the picture and complete the application.

How to submit a form?

Submitting your completed form is very easy. Print the PDF file first and sign it in place. Attach the Honors or Masters Preliminary Certificate with it. Registration card should be given as well. Once the application file is completed, submit it to the respective college. If the college authority accepts your application, you will receive confirmation SMS within 12 hours. If you do not receive confirmation SMS within 72 hours then you have to contact the respective college. And yes, the 300 taka fee must be deposited in the college. That’s it. Your application process is finished.

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Final words

We hope to have the whole Masters Final Year Admission Circular totally informed you. It can be said that many will end their relationship with the National University through the Masters final.

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