NU Honours 1st Year Routine 2024 PDF

We think that you are looking for Honours 1st year routine 2024. This is because if you are not in the process of finding that, you would not read this tutorial. We can assure you that you do not have to look for Honours 1st year routine anymore. You all have entered the national university with a big dream. Everyone will be graduating after completing their dream studies.

And the first year final exam is the first step of their dream to be fulfilled. But it’s important to get routine before the exam. If the routine is not known, then everything goes waste. Hopefully, after today, no one will have to face any trouble with the first-year routine. Information on the honours first year routine 2024 is mentioned below.

NU Honours Exam Routine 2024

The first year final exams routine will be published within a few days in front of those who have been admitted to the honors newly this year at the national university. We hope you are well prepared for your routine. As the routine is published, the first graduation exam of your life will gradually come to close.

If you do not want to face a hard time on that day, you have to prepare well for the exam from now on. After publishing the routine, you will be able to do well in the exam even if you read slightly. We will publish a PDF routine for you. In addition to this, there will also be a summary of the routine. Apart from this, you do not need to look at any other routine as our routine is 100% authentic.

Honours 1st Year Exam Summary

The number of subjects in the honours first year exam 2024 is comparatively quite a lot. Therefore, the exam will continue for a very long time combining all the departments. That’s why we’re giving a summary of the routine so that everyone can remember the most important dates easily.

First year exam summary at a glance

  • Total Subjects –
  • Total Numbers –
  • Mark Distribution –
  • Exam procedure –
  • Exam Starts-
  • Exam Ends –
  • Duration of the exam –
  • Possible result publication date –

Rules of Participation in the NU Honors 1st Year exam 2024

You have to meet certain conditions to take part in the first year final exam. The National University authority gives the opportunity to take part in the honours first year final exam to 3 types of students. They are respectively:

  • Regular: Those who have newly admitted this year in honours the first year will be eligible to take part in the honours first year final exam as the regular students.
  • Irregular: Those who got the honours first year admission last year but did not take part in the exam for any reason will be able to take part in the exam as the irregular students. Also, those who have not been improved can also take part in the exam as the irregular students.
  • Development of Grade: Those who failed to pass the exam last year will be eligible to participate as the development of grade students. In addition to this, those who have passed the exam by getting a D or C grade can also participate in the exam.

 NU Honours 1st Year Final Exam Routine 2024

When the final exam routine is published, everyone tends to study. This is because then there is no longer a chance to remain inattentive. The honors first year final exam routine will be published at any time. So from now on, it’s best to prepare.

If the routine is published then you will easily understand when and which subject you need to sit for the exam, how many days gap are there, etc. You will also get detailed information about the routine from us. And in our routine, we have highlighted the summary. So it is easy to remember special days. We collect routine from an official source to give you accurate information.

National University Honours 1st Year Routine 2024 PDF

Finally, your desired honours first year final exam PDF routine has arrived. This routine was downloaded directly from the notice of the National University. Those who need a permanent routine, you can download the PDF file and place it on your mobile or PC. Later, whenever you need it to see, you can do that from there.

So do not make any delay and download the routine now. After getting the routine in your hand, take the preparation in such a way that you do not need to face any problem to take part in the exam.

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 The Last Words

You do not search for the honours 1st year routine 2024 any longer rather please pay attention to your study. This is because if the routine is published, you will get all the information here. We wish you all make a good result as the first exam of your graduation life.

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